Brandon Walker

Data Scientist



I’m Brandon!

I currently work at IBM as a Data Scientist in Austin, Texas. I am a member of the IBM Technology Garage, where I consult with Series 1 clients (IBM’s largest clients) on data science and machine learning solutions. Before that, I was on the Cloud Pak Acceleration Team and specialize in MLOps.

Besides data science, my work related interests include mobile app development, DevOps, security, and Unity. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a double major in Statistics and Economics in May of 2019. Both my blog and my portfolio contain projects I’ve been working on, but they do not get updated frequently since most of the personal projects I am working on now will be revenue generating so they are taking some time. The blog is generally not updated any more as I am using Medium pretty regularly. You’ll find the link to my Medium in the bottom left (or at the top depending on your screen’s resolution).

My Latest Project