Brandon Walker

Data Scientist

Update: Mentor at the tamudatathon

2 minutes
October 22, 2019

I got to be a mentor at the first ever tamudatathon. I was lucky to have worked with two of the organizers in the past, Josiah Coad and Chinmay Phulse on a past data science project, and they allowed me to be a part of this. It was a great event, especially considering that it was the first event of its kind, their only problems were a result of them being too successful.

Particularly, one of the things they did well is having a competitor and learner track. Too often I have noticed at hackathons the attendees are left to their own devices, and it’s an intimidating environment for beginners. Moreover I notice that the data science field is frequently discouraging and/or someone is trying to profit off people wanting to learn. This datathon took genuine steps to combat this.

3 of the 4 groups I worked with ended up with prizes. One group gave me permission to share their work here. They also invited me for a picture at the end! Kudos to them, it was great fun to work with them.

One of the groups was also sent me a note at the end, super kind of them, they were an enthusiastic group of guys, all really passionate about learning data science.